A downloadable game for Windows

This little racing - rythm game is born from the collaboration of three swiss developers forthe Epic Game Jam #4 2017 edition.

Created in 45 hours, DoublyJuicy was made by two programmers and a sound designer that are all very proud of their creation.

We wanted a game that could be played quite fast while still being challenging to the player, and with some juiciness to it. Those were our personnal constraints, but you'll see that a real emotional state is triggered when the player feels the inner conflict of both his soul and the character intentionnality in this sad.......

Naaaaah just kidding, it's a racing - rythm Jam game.

We still did our best for you to have a good time though. We had a good time on our own anyway. We hope you'll like our little creation =)

Enjoy !

Install instructions

This is a windows build. Just launch the .exe file and everything should be fine.

Left - right to move from lane to lane. R to restart, Space to continue, Q to quit.

Stay on fast (yellow) lane for a better score but risk to EXPLOOOODE !!!!!!! Stay on slow (blue) lane to avoid overheat but you might stop and die from loneliness.......

I know you think you can bypass sound and headset, but you certainly shouldn't. Just saying.


v_0_6.zip 74 MB